Engels onderwijs op de Paedwizer!

Miss Anne is bij ons op school native speaker en staat leerkrachten en leerlingen bij, wanneer er Engels bij ons op school wordt gegeven. Dat betekent dat er veel aandacht aan het goed spreken van de Engelse taal wordt besteed. 

Hello, I am miss Anne. Since September I work as a native speaker at De Paedwizer on Monday.

When I am at school I consistently speak English, so the teachers and the pupils get emerged in the language.

I make suggestions for English lesson materials, useful sites and for educational activities that focus on English.

I provide support during lessons and sometimes tests. Practically it means in group 1-4 doing educational games, reading picture books with the children or teaching them a new song. In group 5-8 I am more focussed on support in conversation, trying to make pupils and teachers more comfortable speaking English.

Every Monday, when entering the school playground, I hear enthusiastically "Hello miss Anne" from several children. And that makes me very happy.


Kind regards,

Miss Anne